Norman 老爸按: 這是一篇轉載自柏斯教育推廣部經理梦西先生(Mr. Garath Mouncey), 出自西澳大利亞商業新聞, 針對西澳技術人員嚴重短缺, 而導致工資暴漲的特別報導。
Business Council tips wages blowout
WA Business News
1-December-2010 by AAP
The Business Council of Australia is tipping a wages blowout as employers face a desperate shortage of skilled workers.
The shortage has spread from the mining sector to other technical sectors, especially communications, council president Graham Bradley warns.
委員會主席Graham Bradley警示:這種短缺從礦業部門蔓延到其他技術部分,特別是通訊。
Business fears a 30 per cent wages surge in the West Australian mining sector could lead to a broader wages blowout.
'We believe it is,' Mr Bradley told ABC Radio on Wednesday.
'The skills shortage that we had two years ago before the global financial crisis is back with us.'
Many of the council's members were reporting an inability to hire 'literally thousands' of skilled workers.
'It's now in the communications sector with the national broadband network causing a lot of wage pressure on engineers,' Mr Bradley said, adding the shortage also was carrying over into the health and education sectors.
Bradley先生說: 目前,在通訊部門的國家寬頻網造成了工程師存在大量的工資壓力,這些短缺也同樣出現在衛生和教育部門。
The council believed Australia had under-invested in skills and training which had to be a part of future population policy.
'In the meantime we would be denying ourselves some great growth opportunities driven by the vibrancy of the regional economy here if we didn't import the skills we need,' Mr Bradley said.
Regards, Garath Mouncey (梦西)
Market Manager: China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
Perth Education City
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